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Muara Takus Temple

The forgotten ancient temple of Buddhist people in the glory of Srivijaya dynasty.

The oldest temple structure ever found in Sumatra that is closely related to Buddhist structure. A site that is still hard to be restored since there are no literatures that can be found.

As the oldest temple structure located in Sumatra Island, Muara takus Temple is located in the secluded area of forestry of Muara Takus village. The name Muara takus is taken from two language, Muara from Indonesian language (means estuary) and Takus from combination of Chinese language (Ta means big, Ku means old, Se means temple) and the combination means a big old temple located in the estuary.

Located in Kampar district, Muara Takus Temple is the only Buddhist temple that still exist in the area until now. The one thing that make it unique is that the main material used for the structure is mainly from clay, not like the temples in Java that is made from solid rocks. There are 4 structures that is clearly seen in the site area, they are namely as Tua Temple, Bungsu Temple, Mahligai Stupa Temple, and Palangka Temple while there are a few spot in the site that is not yet uncover what used to stand in the location. Although archeologists are still puzzled by the exact era the structure was build (some say 4th, 7th, 9th and 11th century), but for now all agree that is was build around the era of Srivijaya dynasty. The structure of the main temple was Stupa, that was closely related with the Buddhist structure in Myanmar,  Vietnam, Sri Lanka and ancient Stupa in India at Asoka era.

Join the exploration of this forgotten Buddhist temple which still being surrounded by veil of mysteries.


Candi Muara Takus, Muara Takus, Kampar Regency, Riau

Muara Takus Temple

Muara Takus, XIII Koto Kampar, Kampar Regency, Riau 28453